Suboxone Practice Guidelines

I receive monthly updates from Reckitt Benckiser in regards to best practices  using buprenorphine.  I figure that all of you should be as aware of the information as I am, so here it is (also see link below post).   Please note, in particular, the material on page 5 regarding dosing.  It is important for people on Suboxone to understand this material in particular– not only the information that your receptors are maximally occupied at standard maintenance doses, but that you will have the ‘need’ to take more when you are stressed, craving, or any number of other situations.  You do NOT want to respond to that ‘need’, though, by taking more Suboxone– doing so only reinforces all of the addictive thinking that we are trying to extinguish.  When you get that ‘need’, try to distract yourself as quickly as possible.  If you think about it, you will end up taking more– so don’t try to reason things out.  Addicts cannot ‘reason’ away their addiction!  Instead, take positive action by distracting yourself, in any way that works for you.  Do that, and the ‘need’ will go away.  If you do that routinely, the ‘need’ will stop happening entirely;  a significant step toward freedom.

Suboxone Practice Guidelines


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  1. Words to live by!

    This is probably some of the best advice out there – that one small paragraph means a whole bunch!!!

    Distraction REALLY DOES WORK and that feeling goes away

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