Let’s Talk

One of the comments I hear the most from suboxone piatients that they had their own group– a place to talk about addiction issues, frustrations, inspirations, etc, without the need to hide their use of suboxone. Many suboxone patients attend AA or NA for the fellowship, but are held back from complete honesty for fear of being ostracized (a valid fear).

My hope is that suboxone patients will use this site to discuss their experiences, hopes, and frustrations in a positive way. This is not a forum to debate whether or not suboxone is a wonder drug or the work of the devil, as there are already plenty of sites dedicated to particularly the latter opinion. But for those patients who are taking suboxone to induce remission of opiate addiction, who prefer the stability and normal mind that comes from suboxone maintenance over the chains of active opiate addiction, please use this space to tell your story, to ask questions, to post answers, or to just say ‘hello’.

To comment on a topic, click on the word ‘comments’. At the present time I do not plan to moderate what is written. If you would like to author an article, send an e-mail to drj at suboxonetalkzone.

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