Clonidine and Opiate Withdrawal

For those of you who like to do some scientific reading, a recent meta-analysis looked at clonidine’s efficacy in reducing the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  A meta-analysis, by the way, is when someone takes a number of studies that sometimes didn’t reach significant conclusions and combines the numbers, creating a larger study group that sometimes shows significant results that were missed in the smaller study.  There are limitations to such an approach, but it is still a common approach to looking at infrequent things.    The infamous ‘black box warnings’ on SSRIs about suicidal ideation in children came from meta-analysis of old studies of antidepressants.

Alpha2-adrenergic agonists for the management of opioid withdrawal


1 thought on “Clonidine and Opiate Withdrawal

  1. Clonidine (catapress) never did a damn thing for me but lower my blood pressure till I was dizzy as hell. Did absoultely nothing for withdrawl at all. This one County I got locked up in a few times gave clonidin for withdrawl. That’s why I know it did nothing. For me anyway. I think it is mostly a placebo effect.

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