Buprenorphine and Pregnancy

I recently heard from a person who had been told by her physician that she ‘must get off Suboxone before even thinking about getting pregnant.’  I’ve mentioned a number of times that I’ve had about 15 patients go through pregnancy and delivery on buprenorphine, and all have done well.  I encourage people thinking about pregnancy to search this blog for articles related to that topic, as there are a number of posts including some that have recent articles from the scientific literature about buprenorphine and pregnancy.

I’m writing now because I noticed that my newsfeed that carries the most recent scientific reports about buprenorphine has a number of articles about pregnancy.  You will find the newsfeed in a couple places–  at the bottom of www.addictionremission.com , my portal page to all of my sites about addiction, and also at www.bupenews.com , a site that has the feed as a centerpiece.


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Jeffrey Junig MD PhD

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